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Note Building Prospects was established to support private investments in infrastructure. Over the years, Building Prospects has been instrumental in setting up telecom, off-grid energy and more recently forestry. It continues to select new segments of the market that are underserved and yet essential for Private Sector Development (PSD) in developing countries, playing a key role in broadening the scope of clients attainable for FMO and DFI’s in general. Investment focus The primary goal for Building Prospects is private sector development. In poor countries, agribusiness is generally the most important sector and needs to be the driving engine out of poverty. A thriving and efficient agribusiness sector needs infrastructure, with access to energy and water, but also to logistics and transport. The effects of climate change can already be felt and the poor are most vulnerable. Investing in long term improved prospects means climate mitigation and resilience are key. Building Prospects will build a portfolio with a gender and a climate scope. Financing possibilities Building Prospects financing is available for: Long-term financing for large infrastructure projects Loans of up to €10 million – in euros, US$ or local currencies Minority shares in equity investments Investments in dedicated infrastructure investment funds Early stage equity for new project development