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A portfolio specialising in equity and related investments in socially responsible projects and businesses or developmental assets, forms part of Futuregrowth’s suite of developmental investments. The benchmark is CPI + 10%. OBJECTIVE The Composite aims to outperform the benchmark with a nominal return of 18-22% per annum before the deduction of taxes and fees and with income reinvested over a rolling 3-year period. COMPOSITION The Composite invests mainly in unlisted equity and participating instruments, but allows up to 20% in debt instruments. Although the Composite invests principally in unlisted transactions, relevant listed instruments are not excluded. The Composite provides investors with a cost effective and flexible channel to participate in the infrastructure and development equity asset class. Investors benefit from the exclusive ability to access an existing pool of stable assets, access to a flow of developmental transactions, a lower than market fee and the ability to play a role in creating a new pool of risk capital for South African development. In order to retain adequate liquidity and flexibility, and in the course of managing new investments, asset maturities and sales and fund-flows, the Composite usually maintains a high degree of liquid and/or non-developmental assets. SOCIAL IMPACT The Composite aims to provide investors with a vehicle that facilitates infrastructural, social, environmental and economic development in southern Africa, while maintaining a high degree of exposure to developmental assets, and delivers on a variety of social impact requirements such as job creation, affordable housing, access to services and healthcare.