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The Hlayisani Growth Fund The Hlayisani Growth Fund, which is currently open for commitments, is focused on mid-market, high-growth private equity investments in South Africa. Our Investments focus on viable prospects in the agricultural, education, ICT, medical and manufacturing sectors that demonstrate out-of-the-ordinary deal flow and significant growth opportunities. Our Fund brings together the expertise of experienced partners, existing assets under management, a strong deal pipeline and a diversified investment return approach, making it the ideal investment vehicle to leverage real growth opportunities on the continent. Investment Philosophy Hlayisani’s investment philosophy is focused on the acquisition of either significant minority or majority ownership stakes in market leading, growth driven businesses and high potential, revenue generating ventures. Hlayisani invests in companies that: Are led by strong and visionary management teams Utilise innovative business models with proven scalable technology in large markets with export potential Demonstrate strong revenue growth and have significant client base potential Are potential market leaders or significant players in their respective target sectors or regions Are at growth or expansion stage Showcase identifiable exit opportunities. Incorporate profitable business models that result in significant socio-economic impact as set out in the UN’s SDGsustainable Development Goals. This includes: Eliminating poverty by Empowerment of previously disadvantaged groups Enabling and providing quality education Fostering the provision of decent work and economic growth Enhancing Industry innovation and the establishment of related infrastructure Supporting the growth of female entrepreneurs and management teams Job creation, reducing inequality and providing access to connectivity Enabling the creation of sustainable cities and communities Supporting and enabling responsible consumption and production Supporting governance structures that drive peace, justice and strong institutions Fostering viable partnerships to support the Sustainable Development Goals Appropriate measurement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact in and of the business Operate in the ICT, manufacturing, agriculture, education or health industries. Require an equity investment of between R10m and R100m