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MISSION Framework M - MARKET Will the investment unlock an opportunity for a service or product that provides utility to a beneciary population with the ability to pay? I - IMPACT Is the investee delivering measurable impact to the target segment and can the quality of this impact be maintained and/or improved with scale? S - SCALE Will the opportunity expand the reach of the product or service as a result of both the foundation’s investment and the leveraging of traditional investors? S - SUSTAINABILITY Will the investee arrive at a nancially sustainable model, thereby increasing the likelihood of the investee's long-term success, through a strong focus on nancial and operational metrics? I - INCREMENTALITY Would the opportunity, and related additionality, be realized without the foundation's investment? O - ORGANIZATION Does the investee have the appropriate leadership capacity and commitment to manage the investment and enforce strong corporate governance principles? N - NEXT Are there follow on investment opportunities and is there an acceptable timetable estimated for the repayment of capital and any expected return?