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Daal is a venture capital that aims to connect the most promising IT opportunities around the world with the talent and leadership of world-class investors based in Saudi Arabia. As offshoot of storied investment company, Sumou Holdings, Daal represents the bridge to a future that recognizes two certainties: the importance of IT innovation and the need for the GCC region to connect with and welcome the best and brightest emerging companies from around the world. The aim of Daal is to create excellent opportunities for investment by providing mentorship and business development insights to companies within the IT space. The Daal team has the experience to guide and nurture the growth of these companies on the international stage. This is especially true for emerging companies looking to expand into the Middle East and penetrate the Saudi market. As a VC fund, Daal offers its investors a chance to participate in high-growth opportunities unique to the IT sector. Daal is led by investors and principles who are committed to bringing innovative companies to the GCC region. Website: Phone: 00966 13 887 8874 Industry: Venture Capital & Private Equity Company size: 2-10 employees Type: Privately Held Founded: 2017 Specialties: Venture Capital, Investment, Technology, and Startups


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